Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are identified by their Service set identifier or SSID.

We currently support 2 SSID's:

  • UofT. This is the best SSID to use. Details on the Information Common Web Site.
  • eduroam. eduroam allows any user from an eduroam participating site to get network access at any institution connected to eduroam. More information is here
We very much encourage the use of the SSID UofT. For those who have been using eduroam SSID, this should be a simple change.

Guest Access to Campus Wireless Networks

There are 2 options to allow visitors to University of Toronto to access the Wireless:

  1. Guest UTORid.

    If you are faculty or staff member, you can create a Guest UTORid that is good for 5 days. This UTORid has access to the wireless. These UTORid's are of the form QQnnnnnn.

    You can create them here.

  2. Special User ID for Conference.

    We can create a special user id for conference. For details, please email Wireless Admins.


For Windows laptops, this means that under Network setting you must configure: Obtain an IP address automatically.

Rules regarding wireless usage

Usage of the Campus Wireless Network is subject to all existing policies for the appropriate use of information technology. See Information Security Guidelines

Certificates for UofT SSID

If your device set up requires you to install the certificates manually. Click here.