UTM Wireless Upgrade Project

Building Status

For the status of the wireless deployment in a specific building, please review the following table.

  • Complete: full wireless coverage in building.
  • In progress: building wireless coverage is currently being expanded.
  • Partial coverage: wireless coverage is available in select areas. Improvements to coverage are pending.
  • No coverage: no wireless coverage is currently available within this building.

Last updated December 01, 2023

UTM Campus

Campus BuildingĀ Wi-Fi 5Planned Upgrade Wi-Fi 6
Service Date
Wi-Fi 6
Upgrade Status
Davis ResearchCompleteDecember 2023TBDIn-progress
Davis AdministrationCompleteOctober 2023October 2023Complete
Leacock LaneCompleteOctober 2023September 2023Complete
Instructional CentreCompleteJuly 2023July 2023Complete
Communications, Culture & TechnologyCompleteMay 2023May 2023Complete
LislehurstCompleteApril 2023April 2023Complete