UTM Wireless Upgrade Project

Building Status

For the status of the wireless deployment in a specific building, please review the following table.

  • Complete: full wireless coverage in building.
  • In progress: building wireless coverage is currently being expanded.
  • Planned: wireless coverage is currently undergoing planning for this building.

Last updated July 02, 2024

UTM Campus

Campus BuildingĀ Planned Upgrade Wi-Fi 6
Upgrade Status
KN/IMIAugust 2024Planned
HMALCAugust 2024Planned
Deerfield HallSeptember 2024Planned
Student CentreSeptember 2024Planned
Erindall Hall ResidenceDecember 2024Planned
Oscar Peterson Hall ResidenceDecember 2024Planned
Davis ResearchDecember 2023Complete
Davis AdministrationOctober 2023Complete
Leacock LaneOctober 2023Complete
Instructional CentreJuly 2023Complete
Communications, Culture & TechnologyMay 2023Complete
LislehurstApril 2023Complete