Wireless Upgrade Project

Building Status

For the status of the wireless deployment in a specific building, please review the following table.

  • Complete: full wireless coverage in building.
  • In progress: building wireless coverage is currently being expanded.
  • Partial coverage: wireless coverage is available in select areas. Improvements to coverage are pending.
  • No coverage: no wireless coverage is currently available within this building.

Last updated January 14, 2022

St. George Campus

Campus/LocationBuilding (code)StatusEstimated Completion DateAruba Technology
St. GeorgeLassonde Mining (MB)In-ProgressApril 2022TBD
St. GeorgeKoffler Student Services (KS)In-ProgressApril 2022TBD
St. GeorgeEarth Sciences Centre (ES)In-ProgressApril 2022TBD
St. GeorgeMechanical Eng. Lab (MC)In-ProgressApril 2022TBD
St. GeorgeSidney Smith Grd floor (SS)In-ProgressApril 2022TBD
St. GeorgeClara Benson (BN)In-ProgressFebruary 2022TBD
St. GeorgeRobarts Extension (RL)In-ProgressFebruary 2022February 2022
St. GeorgeConvocation Hall (CH)In-ProgressMarch 2022March 2022
St. GeorgeSchwartz Reisman Innovation CentreIn-ProgressApril 2022April 2022
St. GeorgeKnox College (KX)In-Progress August 2022August 2022
St. GeorgeRobarts Library (RL)In-ProgressAugust 2022August 2022
St. Michael's CollegeElmsley Hall (EH)CompleteSeptember 2021September 2021
St. Michael's CollegeOdette Hall  (OH)CompleteSeptember 2021September 2021
St. GeorgeMSB Auditorium (MS)CompleteAugust 2021August 2021
St. GeorgeRamsay Wright Zoological Labs  (RW)In-ProgressJune 2022TBD
Myhal 150 Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship CompleteDecember 2021December 2021
Trinity CollegeResidencesCompleteSeptember 2021September 2021
St. GeorgeBest. Bldg. (CB)In-ProgressTBDTBD
St. GeorgeArchitecture Bldg.  (AR)In-ProgressTBDTBD
St. GeorgeTanz Neuroscience Bldg.  (TZ)Partial CoverageCapital Projects - TBDTBD
St. GeorgeWoodsworth College Residence  (WO)Partial CoverageCapital Projects - TBDTBD
St. GeorgeGage Research Bldg.  (GA)Partial CoverageTBD
DownsviewDownsview LibraryPartial CoverageTBDTBD
St. GeorgeVarsity StadiumPartial coverageTBDTBD
St. GeorgeSussex Court  (SC)Partial CoverageTBDTBD
St. GeorgeCumberland House  (CU)Partial CoverageTBDTBD
St. Michael's CollegeToronto School of Theology  (TH)Partial CoverageTBDTBD
St. Michael's CollegePhelan House  (PH)Partial CoverageTBDTBD
VictoriaBirge-Carnegie  (BC)Partial CoverageTBDTBD
VictoriaNorthrop Frye Hall  (NF)Partial CoverageTBDTBD
St. GeorgeCanadiana Gallery  (CG)CompleteTBD
St. GeorgeMSB AuditoriumCompleteTBD
St. GeorgeGoldring Centre  (GH)CompleteTBD
St. George1 Spadina Cres.  (SP)Complete
St. George121 St. George St.  (IR)Complete
St. George123 St. George St.  (RE)Complete
St. George162 St. George St.  (16)Complete
St. George172 St. George St.  (AD)Complete
St. George215 Huron St.  (HU)Complete
St. George246 Bloor St. W.  (SK)Complete
St. George254-256 McCaul St.  (RM)Complete
St. George263 McCaul Street  (OA)Complete
St. George56 Spadina Rd.  (CD)Complete
St. George665 Spadina Ave.  (S6)Complete
St. George703 Spadina Ave.  (IA)Complete
St. George90 Wellesley St.  (JP)Complete
St. GeorgeAnthropology Bldg. (AP)Complete
St. GeorgeAstronomy & Astrophysics Bldg. (AB)Complete
St. GeorgeBahen Centre for Information Technology  (BA)Complete
St. GeorgeBancroft Hall  (BF)Complete
St. GeorgeBanting Institute  (CB)Complete
St. GeorgeBenson Bldg.  (BN)Complete
St. GeorgeBissell Bldg.  (BL)Complete
St. GeorgeConvocation Hall  (CH)Complete
St. GeorgeD.L. Pratt  (PT)Complete
St. GeorgeDonnelly Centre Cellular & Biomolecular Research  (DC)Complete
St. GeorgeEarly Learning CentreComplete
St. GeorgeEarth Science Centre  (ES)Complete
St. GeorgeEdward Johnson Bldg.  (EJ)Complete
St. GeorgeEngineering Annex  (EA)Complete
St. GeorgeExamination Centre - 255 McCaul St.  (EX)Complete
St. GeorgeFaculty Club  (FC)Complete
St. GeorgeFalconer Hall  (FH)Complete
St. GeorgeFields Institute  (FI)Complete
St. GeorgeFlavelle House  (LW)Complete
St. GeorgeGalbraith Bldg.  (GB)Complete
St. GeorgeGerstein Science Information Centre  (SM)Complete
St. GeorgeGraduate House  (GD)Complete
St. GeorgeGraduate Student Union  (GU)Complete
St. GeorgeHart House  (HH)Complete
St. GeorgeHaultain Bldg.  (HA)Complete
St. GeorgeHealth Sciences Bldg.  (HS)Complete
St. GeorgeInnis College  (IN)Complete
St. GeorgeInnis Residence  (IS)Complete
St. GeorgeInst. of Child Study  (WR)Complete
St. GeorgeJ. Robert S. Prichard Alumni House  (DR)Complete
St. GeorgeJackman Humanities Building  (JH)Complete
St. GeorgeKoffler House  (KP)Complete
St. GeorgeKoffler Student Services Centre  (KS)Complete
St. GeorgeLash Miller Chemistry Labs  (LM)Complete
St. GeorgeLash Miller OutsideComplete
St. GeorgeLassonde Mining Bldg.  (MB)Complete
St. GeorgeLeslie L. Dan Pharmacy Bldg.  (PB)Complete
St. GeorgeLillian Massey Bldg.  (LI)Complete
St. GeorgeMacDonald-Mowat House  (MM)Complete
St. GeorgeMacleod Auditorium (MSB)  (MS)Complete
St. GeorgeMaRS Centre  (M2)Complete
St. GeorgeMassey College  (MA)Complete
St. GeorgeMax Gluskin House  (GE)Complete
St. GeorgeMcLennan Physical Labs  (MP)Complete
St. GeorgeMcLuhan Program  (ML)Complete
St. GeorgeMcMurrich Bldg.  (MR)Complete
St. GeorgeMechanical Engineering Bldg.  (MC)Complete
St. GeorgeMedical Sciences Bldg.  (MS)Complete
St. GeorgeMorrison Residence  (MO)Complete
St. GeorgeMunk Centre  (MU)Complete
St. GeorgeMunk School  (MK)Complete
St. GeorgeNew College Residence  (NR)Complete
St. GeorgeNorth Borden Bldg.  (NB)Complete
St. GeorgeOntario Inst. For Studies In Education  (OI)Complete
St. GeorgePhysical Geography Building  (PG)Complete
St. GeorgeRegis College - 100 Wellesley  (RG)Complete
St. GeorgeRobarts Research Library  (RL)Complete
St. GeorgeRosebrugh Bldg.  (RS)Complete
St. GeorgeRotman School of Management  (RT)Complete
St. GeorgeRotman School of Management - South  (CL)Complete
St. GeorgeSandford Fleming  (SF)Complete
St. GeorgeSchool of Continuing Studies  (CS)Complete
St. GeorgeSchool of Graduate Studies  (GS)Complete
St. GeorgeSid Smith OutsideComplete
St. GeorgeSidney Smith Hall  (SS)Complete
St. GeorgeSimcoe Hall  (SI)Complete
St. GeorgeSir Daniel Wilson Residence  (SD)Complete
St. GeorgeSobara Residence  (SR)Complete
St. GeorgeSouth Borden Bldg.  (SB)Complete
St. GeorgeStewart Bldg. (EP)Complete
St. GeorgeT. Fisher Rare Books Library  (RB)Complete
St. GeorgeUniversity College  (UC)Complete
St. GeorgeUniversity College Union  (UP)Complete
St. GeorgeUTS  (FE)Complete
St. GeorgeVarsity Arena  (VA)Complete
St. GeorgeVarsity Pavilion  (VP)Complete
St. GeorgeWallberg Bldg.  (WB)Complete
St. GeorgeWarren Stevens Bldg.  (WS)Complete
St. GeorgeWetmore Hall-New College  (WE)Complete
St. GeorgeWhitney Hall  (WT)Complete
St. GeorgeWilson Hall-New College  (WI)Complete
St. GeorgeWoodsworth College  (WW)Complete
TrinityGeorge Ignatieff Theatre  (GI)Complete
TrinityGerald Larkin Bldg.  (LA)Complete
TrinityGraham LibraryComplete
TrinitySt. Hildas College  (HI)Complete
TrinityTrinity College  (TC)Complete
TrinityWycliffe College  (WY)Complete
Other481 University Ave.  (DU)Complete
Other500 University Ave. (RU)Complete
OtherCAMH (250 College St.)  (CM)Complete
OtherChestnut Residence  (CN)Complete
OtherDentistry Bldg.  (DN)Complete
DownsviewAerospace Bldg. (AE)Complete
St. Michael's College3 Elmsley Place  (E3)Complete
St. Michael's College39 Queens Park Cres. E.  (ME)Complete
St. Michael's CollegeAlumni Hall  (AH)Complete
St. Michael's CollegeBrennan Hall  (BR)Complete
St. Michael's CollegeCarr Hall  (CR)Complete
St. Michael's CollegeElmsley Hall  (EH)Complete
St. Michael's CollegeFisher Hall  (FH)Complete
St. Michael's CollegeKelly Library  (KL)Complete
St. Michael's CollegeLoretto College  (LC)Complete
St. Michael's CollegeMore Hall  (MH)Complete
St. Michael's CollegePontifical Inst.  (PI)Complete
St. Michael's CollegeTeefy Hall  (TF)Complete
VictoriaAnnesley Hall  (AN)Complete
VictoriaBurwash Hall  (BW)Complete
VictoriaE.J. Pratt Library  (PR)Complete
VictoriaEmmanuel College  (EM)Complete
VictoriaGoldring Student Centre  (GC)Complete
VictoriaIsabel Bader Theatre  (BT)Complete
VictoriaKnox College  (KX)Complete
VictoriaMargaret Addison Hall  (MG)Complete
VictoriaRowell Jackman Hall  (RJ)Complete
VictoriaVictoria College  (VC)Complete
VictoriaUpper Burwash (UB)Complete
Victoria Lower Burwash (LB)Complete
Other439 University Ave. (22nd floor)Complete
Other700 University Ave. (9th and 17th floors)Complete