UTSG Wireless Upgrade Project

Building Status

For the status of the wireless deployment in a specific building, please review the following table.

  • Complete: full wireless coverage in building.
  • In progress: building wireless coverage is currently being expanded.
  • Planned: wireless coverage is currently undergoing planning for this building.

Last updated May 22, 2024

St. George Campus

Campus Building Planned Upgrade Wi-Fi 6
Upgrade Status
LandmarkJune 2024In-progress
Wilson Hall - New CollegeJune 2024In-progress
Wetmore Hall - New College
June 2024In-progress
800 Bay St. 2nd-3rd FloorJuly 2024In-progress
Trinity CollegeJuly 2024Planned
St. Hilda's CollegeJuly 2024Planned
Wycliffe College ResidencesJuly 2024Planned
Whitney HallAugust 2024Planned
Morrison HallAugust 2024Planned
Sir Daniel WilsonAugust 2024Planned
St. Hilda's ResidencesAugust 2024Planned
Trinity College ResidencesAugust 2024Planned
Trinity Larkin ResidencesAugust 2024Planned
Spadina Sussex Student Residences March 2025Planned
Ramsay WrightMay 2024Complete
FitzgeraldMay 2024Complete
Aerospace DownsviewApril 2024Complete
Myhal CentreApril 2024Complete
Fisher Rare BookMarch 2024Complete
SRIC - Donors GroupFebruary 2024Complete
Munk SchoolDecember 2023Complete
BCITDecember 2023Complete
Gerstein LibraryDecember 2023Complete
CCBR BasementDecember 2023Complete
Massey College ResidencesDecember 2023Complete
Toronto School of TheologyDecember 2023Complete
30-35 Charles St.November 2023Complete
777 Bay St. 9th,10th floorNovember 2023Complete
SRIC November 2023Complete
Falconer LawOctober 2023Complete
35/30 Charles St. UFHSeptember 2023Complete
LSM - 371 Bloor September 2023Complete
JCC AL Green TheatreSeptember 2023Complete
Rotman School of ManagementSeptember 2023Complete
Emanuel July 2023Complete
Birge Carnegie LibraryJune 2023Complete
455 Spadina - Student Life Association June 2023Complete
Teefy HallJune 2023Complete
Windle House June 2023Complete
Fisher ResidenceJune 2023Complete
Moore ResidenceJune 2023Complete
Pims Residence June 2023Complete
UC PlayhouseJune 2023Complete
Isabel Bader TheatreJune 2023Complete
Hart House - Great HallJune 2023Complete
Howard Ferguson - Dinning HallJune 2023Complete
Sir Daniel ResidenceApril 2023Complete
Carr HallApril 2023Complete
OISE AuditoriumApril 2023Complete
Fields Institute April 2023Complete
Sandford Fleming-Computer ScienceApril 2023Complete
Alumni HallMarch 2023Complete
4 BancroftMarch 2023Complete
Victoria College Old VicFebruary 2023Complete
Goldring Student CentreFebruary 2023Complete
Mechanical Eng. MC102February 2023Complete
ELH 203 College St.February 2023Complete
500 University Ave.February 2023Complete
Sid Smith 1st 2nd FloorJanuary 2023Complete
700 Bay St.November 2022Complete
800 Bay St. 5h FloorNovember 2022Complete
777 Bay St. 22nd FloorNovember 2022Complete
Whitney Hall  (WT)November 2022Complete
Morrison Residence  (MO)November 2022Complete
Northrop Frye Hall  (NF)October 2022Complete
Sobara Residence  (SR)October 2022Complete
Lower BurwashSeptember 2022Complete
Upper BurwashSeptember 2022Complete
Annesley HallSeptember 2022Complete
Margaret AddisonSeptember 2022Complete
E.J. Pratt Library  (PR)September 2022Complete
Rowell JackmanSeptember 2022Complete
Robarts Library (RL)August 2022Complete
Kelly Library  (KL)July 2022Complete
Mechanical Eng. Lab 405April 2022Complete
Convocation Hall (CH)March 2022Complete
Clara Benson (BN)March 2022Complete
Robarts Extension (RL)February 2022Complete
Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship December 2021Complete
Myhal 150November 2021Complete
Trinity ChapelOctober 2021Complete
Rosebrugh Building - 4th FloorOctober 2021Complete
Canadiana BuildingOctober 2021Complete
Elmsley Hall (EH)September 2021Complete
Odette Hall  (OH)September 2021Complete
Trinity Residences PH. ISeptember 2021Complete
Student CommonSeptember 2021Complete
Gage Research Bldg.  (GA)September 2021Complete
88 College St.September 2021Complete
700 University Ave. (9th and 17th floors)September 2021Complete
MSB Auditorium (MS)August 2021Complete
45 Walmar Rd.August 2021Complete
Knox College (KX)TBD
Woodsworth College Residence  (WO)TBD
Naylor (NL)TBD
Varsity StadiumTBD
Sussex Court  (SC)TBD
Cumberland House  (CU)TBD
Phelan House  (PH)TBD
263 McCaul Street  (OA)TBD
1 Spadina Cres.  (SP)TBD
121 St. George St.  (IR)TBD
123 St. George St.  (RE)TBD
162 St. George St.  (16)TBD
172 St. George St.  (AD)TBD
215 Huron St.  (HU)TBD
246 Bloor St. W.  (SK)TBD
254-256 McCaul St.  (RM)TBD
56 Spadina Rd.  (CD)TBD
665 Spadina Ave.  (S6)TBD
703 Spadina Ave.  (IA)TBD
90 Wellesley St.  (JP)TBD
Anthropology Bldg. (AP)TBD
Astronomy & Astrophysics Bldg. (AB)TBD
Banting Institute  (CB)TBD
Donnelly Centre Cellular & Biomolecular Research  (DC)TBD
Early Learning CentreTBD
Earth Science Centre  (ES)TBD
Edward Johnson Bldg.  (EJ)TBD
Engineering Annex  (EA)TBD
Examination Centre - 255 McCaul St.  (EX)TBD
Faculty Club  (FC)TBD
Falconer Hall  (FH)TBD
Flavelle House  (LW)TBD
Galbraith Bldg.  (GB)TBD
Graduate House  (GD)TBD
Graduate Student Union  (GU)TBD
Hart House  (HH)TBD
Haultain Bldg.  (HA)TBD
Health Sciences Bldg.  (HS)TBD
Innis College  (IN)TBD
Innis Residence  (IS)TBD
Inst. of Child Study  (WR)TBD
J. Robert S. Prichard Alumni House  (DR)TBD
Jackman Humanities Building  (JH)TBD
Koffler House  (KP)TBD
Koffler Student Services Centre  (KS)TBD
Lash Miller Chemistry Labs  (LM)TBD
Lash Miller OutsideTBD
Lassonde Mining Bldg.  (MB)TBD
Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Bldg.  (PB)TBD
Lillian Massey Bldg.  (LI)TBD
MacDonald-Mowat House  (MM)TBD
MaRS Centre  (M2)TBD
Max Gluskin House  (GE)TBD
McLennan Physical Labs  (MP)TBD
McLuhan Program  (ML)TBD
McMurrich Bldg.  (MR)TBD
Mechanical Engineering Bldg.  (MC)TBD
North Borden Bldg.  (NB)TBD
New College Residence  (NR)TBD
Ontario Inst. For Studies In Education  (OI)TBD
Physical Geography Building  (PG)TBD
Regis College - 100 Wellesley  (RG)TBD
School of Continuing Studies  (CS)TBD
Sid Smith OutsideTBD
Sidney Smith Hall  (SS)TBD
Simcoe Hall  (SI)TBD
Sir Daniel Wilson Residence  (SD)TBD
South Borden Bldg.  (SB)TBD
Stewart Bldg. (EP)TBD
University College  (UC)TBD
University College Union  (UP)TBD
Wallberg Bldg.  (WB)TBD
Warren Stevens Bldg.  (WS)TBD
Wilson Hall-New College  (WI)TBD
George Ignatieff Theatre  (GI)TBD
Gerald Larkin Bldg.  (LA)TBD
Graham LibraryTBD
St. Hildas College  (HI)TBD
Trinity College  (TC)TBD
481 University Ave.  (DU)TBD
CAMH (250 College St.)  (CM)TBD
Chestnut Residence  (CN)TBD
Dentistry Bldg.  (DN)TBD
3 Elmsley Place  (E3)TBD
39 Queens Park Cres. E.  (ME)TBD
Brennan Hall  (BR)TBD
Loretto College  (LC)TBD
More Hall  (MH)TBD
Pontifical Inst.  (PI)TBD
Emmanuel College  (EM)TBD