Connect to the eduroam network

University of Toronto (U of T) students, faculty and staff visiting other institutions

If you are visiting another institution that is part of the eduroam Wi-Fi network, login to eduroam by entering [your UTORid] and your UTORid password.

U of T visitors from a participating eduroam institution

The eduroam network at U of T is accessible to visiting scholars from other participating eduroam institutions. Simply connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network using your home institution credentials.

Before leaving your home institution, check that your device can connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network. If you encounter any issues, contact your institution’s help desk for assistance.

U of T visitors who do not belong to an eduroam institution

If you are visiting a U of T campus but do not belong to an institution that participates in the eduroam network infrastructure, any U of T faculty or staff member can grant you access to the eduroam Visitor Access (eVA) guest Wi-Fi by visiting from a computer connected to the U of T network, UTORvpn. On the eVA website they will find a phone number and a unique passcode that is updated daily. You may also see the passcode on departmental electronic signage.

To connect, text (SMS) the daily passcode to the specified phone number. You will then receive a return SMS message containing your temporary, unique username and password.

Select the Wi-Fi network called ”eduroam” on your device and login using the credentials you received via SMS message. Once complete, you will have Wi-Fi access on all three U of T campuses for the day.

You will need to request new login credentials each day that you require access to the eVA guest Wi-Fi network.

A note for U of T faculty and staff:

U of T faculty and staff with valid UTORid credentials can create up to five unique guest Wi-Fi credentials. The duration of these credentials is valid for a maximum of up to five days. To create your guest Wi-Fi credentials, visit the eVA self-serve portal at:

For more information, visit the eduroam section of Information Commons’ wireless access page.

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